Timber Decks

Improving the look and functionality of your home is always an exciting an idea. However, not all home improvements are pocket-friendly and hence the need for those that have reasonable prices. If you don’t know how an affordable composite or timber deck can improve your home, then you may want to read the rest of this article.

Just Deck Gold Coast constructs timber decks which can be one of the most cost-effective solutions when it comes to home improvement. It is an excellent way of extending your outdoor living space and creating a place where your family and friends can hang out or relax without the need of building additional structures. Unlike cases where you would be forced to put some additional structures, you’ll not have to part with extra money for various activities like electrical wiring. If you like to enjoy the morning sun and the patio doesn’t seem to be enjoyable anymore, timber or composite deck should be a major consideration.

With a deck, you will probably spend $100 per sq. foot while an additional structure will require anywhere between $200 and $400 per sq. foot. However, the cost of timber or composite deck will vary from one supplier to the other. The actual price will also depend on the size, shape, the materials used as well as the contractor.

Here are some of the Advantages of Timber and Composite Decks

Decks are quite durable and require minimal maintenance. You can be certain that it will be an investment that will stand the test of time.

Constructing a deck also makes the home more attractive to potential buyers. If you plan on selling your home, you can make the most out of it by making such improvements to add value to the same.

Composite or timber decks do a great job of complimenting a swimming pool, stained concrete or even a fireplace.

With this type of home improvement, you can get an edge over your competitors, thus reducing the chances of being forced to lower your home prices when selling.

You can choose the decks that best compliment your home given that you can choose from various composite materials or woods.

The distinct railing systems in the decks are some that are bound to attract higher returns than what you could be looking for.

So, why should you consider composite over timber decks?

Numerous Designs

Composite has a wide array of unique deck designs that you can choose from. You can easily improve the look of your home in regards to your tastes without having to spend a fortune.

Custom Options

With composite decks, you can have your outdoor space exactly the way you envisioned it. That’s because you have unlimited options to choose from as far as custom composite decks are concerned.

Unlike timber, composite materials are resistant to warping and shrinking thus making it a way better option.

There are many composite decking materials to choose from, and that gives you a chance to pick the deck that meets your needs and tastes the most. Some decks like Oceanside ones are resistant to salt found in the air, and therefore, they don’t fade easily. As you can tell, these best fit homes that are located near the ocean.

Since decks are an extension to the house, you need to choose attractive wood. However, most of the eye-pleasing wood types such as redwood can be very expensive.

The bottom line is, with both of these options, you have reasonably priced solutions that will help make the most out of your outdoor living space. From grilling to entertainment, casual living has never sounded any better.